Xenko language interface

Xenko language interface problem
Hello everyone.
Whether you can find the file parameters to which the language interface belongs. If the official does not presuppose more languages, can I make it myself, and in which documents should I find it?

We need to expose the language functionalities better. For the moment, the list that you see is hardcoded in a enum (see https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/search?q=in%3Afile+SupportedLanguage).

Then there are a few tools that are used to generate .po files from the source code (gettext) and from them to generate satellite assemblies for a given language. You will need a tool such as POEdit to create and edit the files for the language you want to add.

I wrote a high-level technical documentation that should be accurate (maybe some files or namespaces have been renamed): https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/blob/master/docs/technical/editor-localization.md

You can see the command lines used to create the satellite assemblies in their respective projects: https://github.com/xenko3d/xenko/search?q=in%3Afile+GNU.Gettext.Msgfmt.exe+in%3Apath+csproj

alright, thank you very much,
I will read the link you provided.
And try to create my native language file.