Xenko can't create project

I use the win10 system and installed the latest xenko engine. I successfully installed the launcher, but I can’t create the project and I can’t open the engine. May I ask how is this going?Snap1

The error message is pretty self-explanatory: cmd.exe is missing (at least inaccessible) on your machine.

Note that it is possibly the symptom of a much greater issue in your current system. I never heard of a PC missing that particular executable. Given that it is extensively used by other applications (basically all .cmd or .batch files) I’d suggest to run a diagnostics on your machine and eventually fix or reinstall Windows.

Another explanation is that the access rights of that files (or even the whole system32 folder) is restricted in a way that prevents execution. Again, that is unheard of as it might break a lot of stuff. It is worth checking it.

Thank you for your answer. The problem is solved. It’s a computer system problem. I reinstalled windows. Thank you.