Work with imports. Camera. Cutscenes

Guys, someone managed to export the camera from any 3D editor in the engine(In my case modo), along with its animation? I need to get in the end the animation of the camera and its trajectory of movement in the engine. Get it here (gif image) the Cube - the landmark around which should revolve the camera, 6-gon is the track the camera is already in the engine.

And that’s what I need to get(video clip)
Gifs made for example

You can export the camera animation as a FBX and import it in Xenko as animation asset.

Then, you need to enable “Root Motion” on the animation asset, which will basically generate an animation that will change the Transformation Component values such as Translation & Rotation (rather than bones inside a model).

Last step, just setup the usual Animation Component on your camera with the previously imported animation.

Let us if that worked out for you.

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