Windows phone silverlight 8.1 app certfication failed

I am trying to submit windows phone app on the store and after submitting an app it gives an error that app has failed certification. After I submit an app, withing few
seconds it shows that app has failed certification but I don’t
understand why? only error is “Certificatio failed”. I have used store certification kit and it
has passed every test, Anybody having the same issue?

Sorry to hear that. Have you ran the Windows App Certification Tool on your game before submitting it? (It is part of the Windows App developement Kit and accessible by clicking on the Store menu on your project).
Could you provide us the result of this certification tool? (It is an html page).

Also, not sure to understand, as we don’t support the WP Silverlight version, we only support Windows Phone App 8.1 version, not silverlight, where does this WP Silverlight version comes from?