Will xenko have a tile map?

i want to know why xenko doesn’t have a tile map in the roadmap.
i think having a tile map will be a great feature to the engine.

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Good idea. What do you find the most esssential elements of a tilemap feature for your use case? Is there an implementation out there that works the way you like?

Godot has a pretty effective tilemap. It allows you to define your palette of map tiles based on regions on textures. You can design the map tiles such that they can automatically resolve map features such as edges and corners to look clean cut. Based on those tiles, it automatically assigns static bodies to features that are supposed to be impassible (walls, floor, etc.). It takes a little while to design your own tilemap, but once you do, a large part of designing your level is simplified to painting your level with your palette.

A feature like this would facilitate 2D game development significantly.

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