What are the requirements to make a win10 games?

Hello friends!

was testing the new version of the engine when I came a doubt, what are the requirements to create a design for windows 10?

My computer is running with the following characteristics:
Win 7 sp1 with all updates.
Visual Studio Ultimate 2013

Computer Hardware:
Processor: Core i7
Ram: 8gb
GPU: Nvidia 630m 1gb

I am pretty sure you will require Windows 10, Visual Studio 2015 and the Windows 10 SDK. VS2015 goes to RTM next week and Win 10 and the Win 10 SDK a week or so after that.

Unless you want to use the Release Candidates/Previews that are available now that is.

VS2015 RC on Windows 8.1 and everything works.

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Windows 8.1… Why is life so cruel??? :cry:
The way is then wait for Windows 10. :unamused:

With VS 2015 RTM, Samples’s Windows 10 projects are unavailable in solution, they are marked "update required"
I guess this is because the W10 sample projects were created using VS2015 RC.
Is it true? If it’s the case could you upgrade them to VS2015 RTM?

Same problem here, screenshots in this post: http://forums.paradox3d.net/t/paradox-platform-problem/335/2

Have no problems on win10 now too.

But the compatibility problem is not in the windows 10, the problem is in the visual studio 2015. The build paradox use`s is …069 = VS2015 preview, and the build we are using is …240 = VS2015 community / ultimate release.

Expect an update very soon that will better detect Win 8.1, and make Paradox works with Win10 RTM (there was quite substantial changes in how assembly are built between RC and RTM).

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