"Vulkan" not listed on "Rendering" pulldown when starting a project

I understood Xenko to be a Vulkan supported 3D engine… so when starting a new project, do I only see DirectX 9 to 11.2 as options? Is that just what is being used to render the GameStudio, and not the API used on exported projects?

I vaguely recall seeing some discussion about that a while back. If I remember correctly, the drop-down you’re talking about refers to minimum required features or something like that rather than the actual renderer that is used. You should see Vulkan listed as an option in your project’s gamesettings file once the project has been created.

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I came here looking for an answer to the same question. My game settings lists direct X 11.2 as a maximum however the project fails to compile if I choose anything above direct X 11. I was browsing the features on the site and it said DX12 and Vulkan so I wondered what I am doing wrong.

These seem to be a year old and I am using the Stride beta so should be further down the road than the above. Anyone know whether this is a problem with my install or something?

Hi! According to https://github.com/stride3d/stride/issues/370 you can build with Vulkan by adding <RuntimeIdentifier>win-vulkan</RuntimeIdentifier> property to your Windows project generated by Stride.
But unfortunately it doesn’t work for me. Both Vulkan and DX12 builds get exceptions on start.

Just feels like when it is over the features it should just be there and I am missing something. I’ve got loads to learn first though so will hope that by the time it will make a difference for me it will all be in there and running sweet.