The problem with the shadings

The light from the point light or direction light or skybox or any other source passes through the surface. For clarity attach video(… How to fix this problem? After all, according to the rules of physics, light should not pass through solid objects. Have tried a lot of options and all to no avail

I was not able to solve this problem :pensive:

I strongly assume you don’t have shadows enabled on your spot light (light > shadow [x]).
If that was not the issue, please post a screenshot of your light properties.

The light on…
Here is the screen shot

I’m sorry, but I couldn’t reproduce your issue.

Do you perhaps have any other shadow casting lights in your scene? At some point the shadow map atlas space is all used up and any additional lights you add will not be able to cast any shadows.

BTW: Your intensity values are extremely high.

as far as I understand, the thing is that I have in the scene a lot of objects… could you Tell me how to expand the shadow map atlas space? I have placed the trees and it turns out they took all the place shadow map atlas space…Also, the light penetrates the objects if you set the size of the shadow “x2”. Penetrates regardless of whether there are still objects in the scene or not. Experimented with the tent. Only.

For any help I would be very grateful!

As I said, you might have too many shadow casting lights in your scene. Currently the atlas space is hardcoded as far as I know, so there is no way to expand it on your side.

When you set the shadow map size to “x2”, your light uses even more atlas space. Therefore the atlas runs out of shadow map space at some point and some of your lights end up without shadows. Try reducing the shadow map size of all your lights.

Okay, thank you! :slight_smile: