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Iā€™m new to Xenko. :slight_smile: Will Xenko support Mac OS and Linux?

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Currently Game Studio and the build tools are Windows only but you can target other platforms: UWP, Linux, Android and iOS. See .

The old road map on trello had Mac support on it. Since the situation has changed with new licence and it now a community project the road map has changed a bit and still in flux. Discussions are happening over on the github repository and in the gitter channel about the road map going forward. Including platform support and which platforms the tools will be supported on. Feel free to come on over and have your input.

Implementing Mac runtime and cross platform developer tools are no small feat. When, if these ever get implemented depends greatly on the demand/support/contributions of the community.

Hope that helps.


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There seems to be an issue in github about re enabling Linux support. So maybe that platform is not supported.

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Linux export is supported but was disabled for the MIT transition from what i know (they probably had to replace some proprietary stuff)
it will probably come back soon


I hope you are right on that Linux export support will return. I miss it.