Substance Plugin Integration

Similar to the Houdini Engine Post - It would be great to see Substance Plugin integration in Xenko

You can create procedural materials in Substance and import those files into your engine. Means you can alter the material properties directly in the engine rather that having to re export etc etc


Would be nice to have!
Sounds like a good area for contribution, if somebody wants to add this as a 3rd party plugin.

In the meantime, Xenko GameStudio automatically reimport modified sources (PNG, DDS, etc.) and Substance has a mode to automatically save those source files on every change, so it could act as a kind of “live editing”.
I remember we gave it a try a few years ago and it was working OK.

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Nice, that’s good to know.

I think there are some additional features present when using the plugin, in case someone feels up to the task of integrating :slight_smile: