StaticCollider's and Terrain

I’m having some trouble working with a static collider and the collider shape attached. I need to attach a ConvexHullCollider so that the collider mesh can be made from my terrain model. My problem is the default ConvexHullShapeDesc is creating a very simplified mesh and I’m losing key features of the terrain due to the simplification. I cannot seem to find how to generate the ConvexHullCollider using a custom ConvesHullShapeDesc that would leave the mesh almost intact.

As a result, i’ve wondered away from using a ShapeDesc and am trying to feed the vertex and indices data into the convexHull constructor but that doesn’t not seem to work either, or my data is not parsed correctly. I’m getting to wit’s end here, creating a mesh collider should be a simple thing for any game engine due to its use in terrain and world building but this seems to be extremely complex in Xenko, or I’m really missing something obvious. Please any suggestions or guidance in this would be appreciated. The Documentation is sparse at best on this topic.

Thanks to the OP for posting this, we are nearing map creation timeframe and looking at the easy options which lead me to the convex hull collider as well. I was hoping the convex hull collider would work well enough, tho we may try to stick to more individual entities pieced together to net what does work in hull collider creation…