[SOLVED] with Custom Post-Processing Effect

Hello, good night.

I wish create a custom Color Transform, post-process effect, the chromatic aberration. I already have a sample code, but I have some do doubts.

1st: How exactly I need to do to crate a custom Post-Processing Effect? I already have located the .xksl files into the xenko installation folder (…Xenko.1.7.6-beta\Assets\Shared\Images\ColorTransforms), but when i create a custom .xksl file into this folder, Xenko don’t recognize it. How i can solve it?

2nd: Its possible to create this .xksl file into the game editor or the visual studio? How i do this?

Note: I will share this effect when i finhised it.

SOLVED AT: http://answers.xenko.com/questions/2104/custom-post-processing-effect.html