[Solved] What is Paradox Connection Router?

After launching the paradox studio, a Paradox Connection Router icon pops up in my system tray. It doesn’t dissapear after closing Studio. It also locks the solution at a file level. This makes that I also can’t rename, remove or delete files until I kill the service.

What is the Connection Router’s function?
Why doesn’t it shut down on Studio exit?
Why does it keep my files locked?

If I’m not mistaken, the Paradox Connection Router is an tool to online build, it is for you to compile your game from another computer or device.

Following this concept, it always on opens the first device where you compiled the game, and continues even after you close the game hosting your data in case other computer or divice want to use it.

Hello Boris,

The connection router is currently used to compile effects at run-time on mobile devices and generate effect permutation asset files (for more details have a look at : http://doc.paradox3d.net/1.2/?page=HOWTO%3A+Generate+effects+on+mobile+devices). In future it will also be used to debug (inspect and modify) scene at run-time, etc…

I could not reproduce the problem of the files locked by the Router. Do you still experience it? Do you have a simple repro?

We chose not to stop the router after closing the editor so that users can still use it from visual studio even if the game studio is closed. If you think it is not useful we will reconsider this choice. Note that in next versions we plan to improve it a little bit and make it more discrete.

Xenux, i need give a feedback about Connection Router + Windows 10. It would be very important that focus on letting it as more discrete as possible, so that in the windows 10 to central alert of OS is shooting at any moment alerts about Connection Router!
And this is very annoying!

ok thanks for the feedback!
We will try to improve that for the next fix update that should come soon.

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Paradox 1.2.2 makes ConnectionRouter notifications much less invasive (only warning/errors)