[Solved] dotNet DLL Support

Is it possible to include a dotNet DLL? In this case only for windows.
Background: I have a DLL which has a dotNet 4.x (C#) API to communicate with an USB Device.
It‘s easy to use in Visual Studio as reference. But I have no idea how to use it with Xenko.
I think I have to build a wrapper (bridge) a plugin for Xenko. But how?
Is it possible to use DLLs?

Not sure what your issue is. Yes you can use it directly.
Just change the target platform of your game project to be on .Net framework only. Then add a reference to that assembly.

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Yes it works. Thanks. Just import the dll and use it without change a setting. (xenko default). No inherits or wrapper required in my case. I tested it with a simple c# dll. But I am confident that it will work with the other dll as well.
I’m new with Xenko but that could be the beginning of a long friendship. :smiley: So far I like xenko.


This is the reason why I like Xenko. Instead of a .Net sandbox, it’s entirely .Net and you can essentially use every single .Net assembly with no extra steps :slight_smile:

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yes indeed, the fact that a xenko game is basically a normal .NET visual studio solution is very welcoming. i felt at home immediately.

I hope Xenko will grow fast and kicks Unity from his throne.
I tried to implement my DLL in unity and failed. I don’t know how to create a Unity Plugin and am not sure if this will ever work. I’m new in Xenko and have done this in easy steps.

Xenko is jung and there is still a long way to go. I hope for more features like Vehicle Physics etc. But so far I like the IDE / UI and the easy usage.

Xenko should be more famous. Spread the words to grow the community.
I also hope for interests of AAA Studios and Indies.


Thanks for the words of support. The engine really, without exaggeration, has a huge potential, if the community will grow rapidly, the engine will in many respects be able to compete with unity.

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And we’re just getting started, this part should get even better soon :slight_smile:

Example of use cases I would like to unlock:

  • create solution from VS & add Xenko from NuGet package manager, then open it with Game Studio
  • use only specific part of Xenko in VS project
  • create nuget packages from your code/assets and publish them on nuget so that anybody can use them easily

I really like the first two points :wink:

Once there are done for the runtime, I’ll try to do the same for some of the non-UI editor projects (e.g. Core.Design). The idea being that people might want to create tools to manipulate a project without relying on the full editor (Game Studio).

There are three steps for that:

  1. move some assemblies to target .Net Standard (some are already fully compatible)
  2. move Windows specific (and in general UI-dependent types) into separate projects/assemblies and extract some interfaces (in a platform-agnostic way).
  3. ??? profit

I think it could unlock some scenarios where you want to create a tool that embed a game and use the same type of communication from the main application to the game that we use in the editor (so mostly quantum library and game propagator).