Shader SmoothVoxel SplatMapping, Textures selectable from material-editor

I have written a splatmapping triplanar shader for my real time editable smooth voxel volumes.
currently it only uses 1 to 4 (color)textures (splat values are stored in vertices)
in lack of time/knowledge i didnt use mixins or any other extensions yet.

it works nice from code, i can create a material, set the shader as diffuse mixin,
assign the texturers by using parameters and using my custom vertex declaration (enriched with splat info)

now i want to do 3 more features

  1. create and edit the material for the shader in the editor
  2. add PBR means i want to add normal-, displacement-, roughness-, and occlusion-maps
  3. tesselation (i think otherwise displacement map is pretty useless)

a) EditorFriendly:
when i coose my current shader in the material edtor as diffuse mixin, the textures arent shown as parameters (using compose instead of stage didnt work, even worse it removed it from the shaderKeys, so i cant change the param from code anymore)

b) CodeOnly workaround: (nonEditorFriendly)
i could do the shader by adding more texture params (4 x occ, norm, displ…) to my shader as i did with the 4 color maps, and (i think) by assigning a (the default)tesselation to the material.
this i doin actually but WIP, but this will not help me with make the props editor accessible
well i could live with this, but:

c) it would be cooler if i also can use it in editor, also i ask myself if there isnt a more elegant solution.

beggin for hints to make it better
maybe using mixins?
how make texture-params accessible from editor?
or? :slight_smile: