RenderDoc plugin usage

Hi there,

I managed to use RenderDoc by launching the .exe directly from RenderDoc.

However, from the release notes (Version 1.10.0-beta) I can read:

RenderDocPlugin assembly lets you automatically load RenderDoc and capture inside editor (using /RenderDoc flag) or game.

It kinda feels like there is a easyway to fire up RenderDoc directly from the Game, could somebody explain me what is the intended way to profile a game with RenderDoc ?

Thanks in advance.

/RenderDoc is a Game Studio option.
It can be used in pair with /DebugEditorGraphics (which enable GPU markers with proper strings)

For a game, you would have to do it yourself:

  • Equivalent of ‘/RenderDoc’: You could manually reference SiliconStudio.Xenko.Graphics.RenderDocPlugin.dll and instantiate RenderDocManager
  • Equivalent of /DebugEditorGraphics: add game.GraphicsDeviceManager.DeviceCreationFlags = DeviceCreationFlags.Debug; before game start, a good place might be in MyGame.Windows/MyGameApp.cs

Ok thanks but what is the purpose of doing that instantiating RenderDocManager in my game ? Does it mean RenderDoc would automatically fire up from my Game ?