Projects of snapshot photo realism

Hi Guys.
I can use API for rendering a file Sketchup,CAD, 3dMax… Getting image (snapshot) of scene rendered(projects architectural). Don’t usering software engine, but developing algorithm to do use API Xenko in the project .NET.

Olá amigos.

Tenho um dúvida quanto o API Xenko. Posso utilizar da API para elaborar projetos em .NET, renderizando arquivos Sketchup,CAD, 3dMax, Collada e obtendo snapshot da cena?

The question is hard to understand.

Is the question:
Can I render a file (Sketchup,CAD, 3dMax) and take a image/snapshot of it?

Yes! More using API c# instead of engine.

I assume that you mean:

Using the C# API instead of the Game Studio (editor).

Yes, it is possible, however, it would take a lot of effort. You would have to parse the file, create a mesh and render it. (There are a few steps that I skipped.)

Parsing the file is by far the hardest part.
Creating a mesh is doable.
The rest is easy, compared to the things above.

Looking at the source code for the tests can be helpful, and in particular for this I see tons of places where the tests are taking screenshots, which sounds a lot like what you’re looking for. You might want to look around there. I think this is the class that is taking the actual screenshots, as a starting point: