Physics for use on vehicle's

Question: Can we now use physics to move a 3D vehicle? so it can simulate complex force and motion. With steering say with hinges or joints, shocks and multiple axles with spinning wheels like driving a tank on uneven terrain say like what is in CryEngine or Unreal or even Godot etc. A simple yes or no is fine, I am looking into Xenko to see if It has been done successfully now with Bullet. As I read there were issues in 2017 trying it from scratch and nothing built in like a vehicle controller api.

Yes, it is possible.

It will need some wrangling to understand how to work with bullet’s constraints but I put this thing together rolling on 4 cylinders after reading your post:

There’s no quick and easy way, but if you can figure out the constraints, you can absolutely do it :slight_smile:

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ok great thanks that is good to know

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Hi would you mine if I could get a copy of your basic simple vehicle physics project? That would help me out allot to see how it works in Xenko

It’s in here (VehicleScene):

You’ll still have to dig a bit though to see how it all sticks together as it’s quite sparsely commented, but still!

Great! not sure how I missed that on here, thank you for your assistance.