Overwhelmed by game studio

I’m new to game development with a dedicated editor/studio program, and I’m really overwhelmed by everything. I have plenty of experience in C#, so the issue isn’t the language or programming in general. I’ve also done several projects a long time ago in XNA, but that was done wholly through code and raw assets. I’ve been looking into Xenko for several years now and I’ve made a few test projects that essentially coded away any use of the studio side of things (empty main scene, everything instantiated through runtime code).

Now I want to make a 3D project, and do things “right”, which means learning how to use the studio and editor properly, for more than just asset management. So far I’ve been messing around with the TopDownRPG test project, but I’m really overwhelmed by it all. I’m so used to everything being handled by a class in a VS project that I’m having a hard time understanding how and when to use scenes, prefabs, and scripts. One thing in particular that really confuses me is how to make something that’s loaded during runtime or procedurally generated; scenes seem to limit everything to static, pre-made levels. Overall I’m just stumped on how to go about making anything.

Well, all I can say is…welcome to the club. The serious lack of significantly useful tutorials for using Xenko is an issue that has yet to be rectified. I’m actually starting to get the feeling that the developers of Xenko are stepping back a bit from it. I hope I am wrong.

Please, anyone, correct me if I am wrong.

Yeh I’ve noticed quite a bit of silence or at least abscence of comment.

That often means one of two things …

  1. The project is dead
  2. Something big is coming

I often wonder myself if it would be possible to implement something like unity or xenko directly within VS … I love VS and hate other tools as they rarely connect well and agree with each other.

That said with .net standard around now … Maybe the way to go is just avoid an editor and code on top of a graphics framework built to run on .net standard like xenko all from within VS