Native Linking error: file not found

My iOS Xenko app won’t compile anymore (VS2015, Xenko 1.10.2).

Native linking error: file not found: /Users/cassoulet/Library/Caches/Xamarin/mtbs/builds/Ocean7.iOS/f7774b32382547eec7e7186da05ad55f/libfreetype.a Ocean7.iOS

Can anyone help. To make sure to go back to a clean environment : I tried to clean project, clean mtbs folder on Mac side, manually delete all “bin” & “debug” folders, reboot mac & pc. Error persists.

Any Help would be greatly appreciated.

Did you try to update the Xamarin version? You probably need Visual Studio 2017 for the latest one. Also try to port your app to Xenko 2.0. The 1.10 was still a beta version and some issues might have been fixed in 2.0.

I moved to VS2017, and updated to latest Xamarin ( XCode is 8.3.3
Cannot upgrade right now to Xenko 2.0, because of breaking changes with Graphics Compositors that requires a code refactor.

The thing is that even sample JumpyJet (of Xenko 1.10.2) has same linking problem.
Do you have the same issue with this sample?

Looking at Xenko Issues it looks like this error is/was known :
But I could not reuse provided information to solve the problem.
Is there some tests I could do to locate the problem?