Multi-language support

Multi-language support
so I would like to XENKO Editor can support more language support, I come from China, when I use xenko, the entire interface is all in English, which makes me very troubled, whether in this piece of Chinese support.

I use google translate, do not know if you can understand what I mean

Thanks for the feedback.

We already have localization support in the editor (only Japanese is added so far).
Once editor text is getting stable (less text changes), we might ask the community to help us translate in various languages.

Chairman Mao, our great Communist leader, once said that the countryside surrounds the city. Then he won the civil war to become the actual ruler of China.

I think because at that time, Chinese peasants accounted for 90%

I hope XENKO can do the same, make the game editor easier and more civilized, and an average person can use him to create games. All of this needs to start from the interface, suitable for the local language interface will be more pro-people, more acceptable.

I use google translation do not know if you can understand.

In today’s games industry, quite a variety of engines mixed to get a place, you have to find a breakthrough,
unity3D is a good example,
His operation is simple and close to the people, writing games can be written by simple code (I do not know why there has been no Chinese support). So XENKO can take the lead out of a Chinese version, quickly into the Chinese market,
Make the game as everyone can do.