Missing detail (morphs)

friends, this engine is really awesome, but due to the fact that the morph component is not supported, my team cannot load characters with facial animation, and now we are at a dead end, we don’t continue to develop the project further because of this flaw. Can you say something about this? If you do not have materials with which you need to work, I am ready to provide them:slightly_smiling_face:

I would consider posting in Discord or sending a direct message.

I have everywhere voiced this shortcoming and the fact that morphs are necessary in any modern engine. Without morphs, it’s impossible to make a really cool project with mocap animation. Like “The Walking Dead” or “The Last of Us”. For example.

I put some notes into the issue related to implementing morphs. If someone knows enough to give me some pointers about some of the details I may be able to take a stab at implementing them.

Morph Target Animation · Issue #339 · xenko3d/xenko


DigitalRune has some functionality for morph targets. It’s XNA stuff but you might be able to port it over.


Hap ?;O)

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