MacOS Export Support, not even on roadmap?

Xenko’s glaring omission compared to Unity, UE4 & GODOT: can’t build projects for MacOS. I’m surprised this isn’t even on the roadmap ( I do see there is an issue raised for it @ which has gotten rather buried. Xenko has so many good things going for it (Vulkan, free & open source, high performance etc.), it is hard to see this hole holding it back. There is now no need to do a Metal implementation, thanks to MoltenVK @

Can we get this at least on the roadmap? I’d argue this should be a high priority. I see this was asked about over 2 years ago in this forum, with a “4-6 month” window without the ease of MoltenVK.

I would argue the opposite: that it is not a priority given that the game market on Mac is pretty small. It is just not worth it. One has to understand that on top of implementing it, you must have someone full time to do the maintenance.

That said it could be added on the long-term roadmap.

If you have the skills and time, you could do the implementation :wink:

Rather ironic to make the argument it isn’t worth it based on market size, when Xenko supports exporting to Linux which is roughly half the size of Mac’s market (according to years of my game sales on Steam).

I’d argue the drag on the engine is larger than Mac’s market share. It is just looks bad when you compare Xenko to other options. Do indie developers really want to start a project with an engine that will be uniquely unable to generate revenue from the 2nd most popular platform?

I’ve done engine development before (jMonkeyEngine), but it was very hard to do both game & engine development at the same time… and game development won. I’m personally not a Mac user & don’t own any Macs, so I’m not in a good position to develop this.

There should be more effort done to prioritize this and find developers who can work on it.

I’ve got a branch where I’ll try and find spare time to make progress on this front: