Load FBX with full hierarchy

Is it possible to load a fbx and get the complete hierarchy so far I only get one entity that contains all the meshes but what I want is a complete graph with entities for all children compare same model in stride an unity

I think there are different ways how the fbx can be stored and how it gets decoded.

If you disable Merge Meshes on import, you should get a Model with all individual Meshes. Check Model.Meshes for how much you got.

If you want individual entities per mesh, you can loop through all Meshes and create entities for each.

Does that help you?

What would be awesome, the FBX format to import all its attributes, including encapsulated materials, textures etc. I could then sell my models without worrying about any copyright infringement.

Currently, no platform will import all those attributes, many settle just for meshes like Unreal, Unity only imports the main texture map, neither import a material or other maps.

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