Joints per Vertex


we are currently evaluating Unity3D alternatives because of Unity’s limitation to only support 4 joints influencing a single vertex for animations. Does anybody know how many joints per vertex are supported by Xenko ?


I’ve not seen any limits, the API is pretty low level but if you do find any limits you have the option to either replace or bypass functionality in the xenko API you don’t like with your own implementation … You don’t have this option on unity but the build experience in unity is a little less worrying because of it so just bear in mind that anything custom that you do may not be cross platform when you come to build and deploy.

That said … It’s a choice not a requirement and maybe one you might not have to make (doesn’t sound like it at least)

Thank you for your input, unfortunately the option of creating and using a non native implementation is always cumbersome and risky. Since it is open source, we may need to check the implementation ourselfs.