Importing Basic Cube Model

When I try to import a basic cube that is created using blender xenko crashes without any error message in the debug window or log files on the file system. I used blender to export this model as an obj and fbx. But both seem to simply crash the editor. Is anyone else having this issue?

Can you give us a little bit more informations such as the version of Blender and Xenko you used, and if possible some logs. You should be able to find some somewhere. (although I cannot say exactly where since I didn’t look for it yet) :slight_smile:

Thank you hayaweh but i found the issue. I forgot to select the cube before exporting to a obj format. :frowning:

I would like to know where the logs are I found a log file in the xenko file structure but it has hlsl files and not logs like txt or anything. Inside the game editor i did find a debug window that allows for what seems to be logs but still nothing there either it was blank.

Haha, alright, so you were exporting… Nothing? :slight_smile:
If that’s the case, it may be worth reporting that this crashes the engine and requires a couple of checks! :smile:

As for the logs, I’m afraid I currently do not know. I looked for it rather quickly and didn’t find much (but I didn’t go really deep)

Ill do that let me see if I can find where to report it at.

You should be able to report it here: Xenko Git Issues
By creating a new issue and adding all the infos and reproduction steps :slight_smile:

Lol I sent an email and they said they had it but gave me the link