How Well Do The Ports to Mobile Platforms Work?

I’ve been assigned a mobile project lately from a freelance employer, and I was wondering, is Paradox 3D the right engine for me?

I know there are plenty of other engines out there, but I’ve tried many and none come as naturally to me Paradox 3D does. So, although this may have been asked before, I’m unsure, how well is the mobile port set up? I haven’t personally looked into yet, and before I take the time to, I would like to know about the results that other people may have achieved by doing it?

If there is no performance and graphical glitch that I can’t work out without modifying the source code, then I will gladly use Paradox. I realize that it’s early in development, but I know that it’s capable of the game I was assigned if I port it to Windows. So, how about the mobile platforms? Is this a global question for C# games, or would Paradox 3D not be included in the bunch because of a centralized workflow on a larger project for game development?

Anyone that has any information on thi topic, please let me know, and thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Usually Android works quite well.
iOS usually work, but from time to time, internal changes in Xamarin break our build system.

Feel free to give it a try, that should give you a good idea if it matches your needs.

Yes, that really helps me out. :slight_smile: I don’t mind occasional build breaks, I’m quite used to that with using Construct 2 and porting to mobile. I will definitely continue using Paradox 3D for my projects.