How to use GameContextWinforms?

I try to use xenko engine for winform intergration.

so, I follow step below,

  1. create project (window platform).
  2. open visual studio and modify code.
  3. var context = SiliconStudio.Xenko.Games.GameContextWinforms(myPanelControl);
    using(var game = new Game())

it seems be works well but, xenko renderer not fit the panel size.

I set my panel size to 500x500, but xenko render area is oversized.

am i use GameContextWinforms to wrong?

best regards.

it appears you have not use the width,height overloads

public GameContextWinforms(Control control, int requestedWidth = 0, int requestedHeight = 0, bool isUserManagingRun = false)
: base(control ?? CreateForm(), requestedWidth, requestedHeight)
ContextType = AppContextType.Desktop;
IsUserManagingRun = isUserManagingRun;