How to render a SpriteBatch in a UI element?

I’ve tried looking around, I can’t seem to figure out how to display a SpriteBatch within a UI element (ImageElement?) I don’t see any appropriate methods for passing a SpriteBatch to an ImageElement, and I’m not sure what else to do about it.

hi, what kind of effect do you want to achieve?

Effect? Currently I just want to know what process I need to do in order to render a SpriteBatch into a UI element. Currently I just want to use this for multicolored text, but I have experience with MonoGame and know that I’ll probably be using SpriteBatches for various other things. In general it would just be something I’d like to know how to do.
I’m assuming I need to convert a SpriteBatch into something implementing ISpriteProvider to add to ImageElement’s Source property, but I’m just wildly guessing and can’t find any connection between the two in the API, and the docs and examples are telling me nothing about this. I’m honestly a little surprised at how obscure this is to perform and wondering if there’s a better way to just generate/modify an image and put it on the screen (I haven’t noticed one, though)

There are a couple of ways to do this. I’ll try to remember to look at it next time I am coding.

You can do what you are looking to do by assigning a SpriteSheet (SpriteFromSheet?) to the source through ISpriteProvider and setting the current frame. I’ve done that one and can likely recreate it for your reference.

What may be better for your need though is to create a custom SpriteRenderer and draw a sprite batch per frame exactly where you want it. There is an example of this in the forums in a response to a question I had about rendering a custom mouse icon. I’ll add it below as an edit.

Here is the link: Change Mouse Cursor Graphic

Yes, in my experience as well some things seem trivial until I try them, then they prove more difficult than I expected until I realize what’s going on… at that point I kind of appreciate it, lol.

If you don’t already and you are still working with the Engine, jump in the discord.


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