Houdini Engine Integration


IT would be amazing to have the Houdini Engine integrated into the Xenko Editor. It allows you to create dynamic objects (eg a procedural geometry) in Houdini, and import it into a game engine as an object with parameters. After using this object as part of your scene composition the object is then baked for runtime.

As example would be to have a procedural rock object. This can be made in Houdini using volumes and all kinda fancy things. You might have an input parameter of a random seed, linked to a volume noise function in your rock generator. This object is imported into Xenko and many copies can be placed around the game scene. Each instance would have a random seed different value set, and therefore be a unique rock.

There is a free version of Houdini for non commerical / learning https://www.sidefx.com/products/houdini-apprentice/

And a very reasonably priced version for ‘low commerical’ https://www.sidefx.com/products/houdini/houdini-indie/

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Sounds like a good area for contribution, if somebody want to add this as a 3rd party plugin.

You can use Houdini to create asset(s) and then export them and bring it into Xenko.

There are also related generation tools for Blender Animation Nodes ( generative tutorial ), and Sverchok.

When you ask for something integrated into Xenko, you might be interested to know about Archimatix… it’s a fairly simple procedural generation system as a Unity plugin. If Xenko has the right hooks, and there is enough interest, perhaps he would port to Xenko.