Hololens Support?

Is support for Microsoft HoloLens planned?

Hello Micle,

HoloLens is currently not included in our short-term plans (next few months).
We will release a survey soon (the roadmap should follow shortly after). If the community appears to be interested we will be happy to reconsider our choice.

I’m also very interested in HoloLens support. I’m currently investigating few engines (Unity and Uhro3D already support HoloLens). Actually Visual Studio default Holographic app template is implemented in SharpDX so I hope it will be easy to port it to Xenko.

It doesn’t seem very hard to create a hologram. You have to change a few things in the 3D environment: black background and properly adjust the camera, from what I’ve seen Unity in talks. Windows Holographic seems to takes care of the rest.

Unfortunately, I don’t have Windows 10 Pro to enable Hyper-V or nor do I have Hololens. So I can’t test this theory.