Entity w/ Collider Not Moving

This is probably easy to answer! I’m fairly new with game development and I’m working to learn Xenko.

I have working:

  • A sprite based entity (vehicle) that I can move around with W, A, S, D on top of another sprite (Map).

When I add physics or the character collider to the vehicle entity and add a flat 2D box collider to the map I can see that the vehicle does not fall through the map. However after adding the colliders the vehicle is no longer able to move around with W, A, S, D. It makes a small motion toward the direction and then regresses back. It looks like the position is not really being updated. Remove the colliders and it works as above.

Is there some fundamental physics property that I’m not understanding? Or some relative update to position required? Any assistance is appreciated.


Hi @Jarmo,

If you want to move it yourself you will have to use either a Character physics component or a Rigidbody physics componenent with Kinematic enabled.


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Thank you. I just spent an hour or so reading on vector based movement in a 3d space. Then I saw in the manual that only character physics components can be moved using SetVelocity, etc. I figured it out! I’ll be back for sure:).