Does Paradox3D support .NET Native

The title says it all, I am curious to know if your engine is able to compile with new feature .NET Native, which allows to compile windows 10 apps to native code.


We haven’t tested it yet with it but sure we will do it asap. Afair, .NET Native was working fine with SharpDX so we might be able to run Paradox on it as well without much problems.

You guys are awesome ! What about compiling a sample and posting some benchmarks online ? That would a huge step up for game development, and big shame for unity which has been trying to do it so desperatly…

Also, will the paradox engine support .Net Core anytime soon ?

Yes, we are targeting to support it as part of our work to allow Paradox to run on any platforms without any restrictions (in full AOT mode).

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Can I ask what you are specifically missing in PCL? There are ways to get around the limitation of having PCL instead of the full .net native.

Though, most of the code in Paradox is almost PCL compatible (we are trying to reduce as much as possible the set of API we are using), runtime assemblies in Paradox are not compiled against PCL mostly because we are sometimes using some very basic API on Android/iOS (FileStream for instance), which is not available in PCL. We could circumvent this by using proxy DLLs, but this is quite cumbersome. I also heard that they are supposed at some point to restore the FileStream API for PCL. On .NETCore, FileStream API is fully supported so it might be a surface API more interesting for Paradox.