Building a Kinect game for Windows 10 UWP using Xenko

I am trying to build an UWP rendition of my Xenko game which uses MS Kinect 2.0 Visual Gesture Builder features.

I added references to the Microsoft.Kinect and Microsoft.Kinect.VisualGestureBuilder assemblies that I found in the C:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\Kinect 2.0\x64.

Are these the correct assemblies to reference?

Also, I added the references to the first Visual Studio project in the solution Xenko created. However, I see two other projects in the solution: UWP and Windows.

Should I have added the references to the UWP project instead?

I ask because I get an error stating that Xenko needs the MSIL builds of the Kinect assemblies, and have no idea where to find these MSIL assemblies, as well as which Visual Studio project to reference them in.

I think that just switching the projects to x64 from Any CPU should fix your issues.