Build requirements

Disclaimer… I know nothing. I’m very interested in this project yet before moving forward I have a question that is bothering me. The build requirements say the C++ is required. I thought this project was written in C#. What is the purpose of C++?

Thanks, Hap

Those are the C++ redistributables. You dont program in C++ but C# with Xenko

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Aggror, I understand how busy you are. Thank you for responding to my question.

Hap ?;O)

Just to make sure I’m on the same sheet of paper… We are talking about programming and compiling Xenko Studio and not programming in Studio correct?


Ah Xenko itself. Buillding Xenko has this requirement.

  • Desktop development with C++ with Windows 10 SDK (10.0.17763.0) or later, and VC++ 2017 version 15.9 v14.16 latest v141 tools or later (both should be enabled by default)

I guess it is a requirement for some things, everything is C# for what I have seen so far.

And welcome btw! :slight_smile:

Thank you… I’m interested in a plugin system. I’ll let everyone know if I can contribute.

Hap ?;O)

A plugin system is on the roadmap. I think it can really boost the development of useful tools. For now you can just create your functionality directly in the editor and if it is useful it could possibly be merged.

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