Build for web platform?

Is there any intention of making web platform part of Paradox or it’s out of scope of the engine?


I saw a conversation over on the gitter chat with @xen2 answer a question about that. Basically it’s a long term goal. Though it hasn’t got an entry on the roadmap that I could see. So not sure how long you would have to wait before it’s available or if it will even make the cut.


WebGL isn’t really standardized yet in browsers. So it’s hard to do something like that. Even unity is struggling. They have a plugin that has to be installed first only problem is now that type of plugin is being discontinued by chrome which cuts out the market by a lot. Unity does have plans to release a webGL version, but from what I’ve heard they are a long long ways off. Unreal Engine 4 has a web release using webGL, as far as I know they are pretty much the only one right now(3D anyways).

Yes I know about Unity, I’m a Unity’s user right now but I want to switch. Unity is planning on making a better WebGL experience by March 2016. But, as you say, it depends on the standardization of web gl and the browsers implementations (pretty sure that Edge will be a headache).


We definitely have plans to add web support for Paradox. If it does not appear in our road-map it is because it is still very uncertain when we will be able to add it. The least that we can say for the moment is that it won’t be before end of 2016.