ASTC Texture Support

I’m trying to add a model (.fbx) to my scene. The model uses an ASTC texture (which is the best format for Android) but Xenko doesn’t seem to like it. I’ve tried to compress the texture in ASTC format with both dds and astc containers but neither of them works. If I use the original uncompressed texture in the fbx and let Xenko compress it, the quality loss is pretty bad. I’ve tried changing the texture quality in the GameSettings but this did not help.

So the question is, does Xenko support using pre-compressed ASTC textures? If not, would it possible to have it use ASTC for the final format on Android? I’m guessing right now it uses ETC?


EDIT: After looking more into it, ASTC is only supported on OpenGL ES 3.2 and Xenko doesn’t allow to target version 3.2 at the moment it looks like.