Asset Store/MarketPlace?

Will stride setup their own, or link to a 3rd party source for assets?

I sell/giveaway assets on both Unreal, Unity, Sansar and many more platforms. Apart from the scripted assets such as the Security Camera System, they are all FBX format on Unity (Unreal converts to its own internal format), with texture maps, so they can be imported into Stride (material files will not work, albeit all use a standard shader).

Once downloaded and uncompressed, the meshes,materials and textures are all in their own folders for easy identification and importing.

You can see a catalogue of the items/collections that I sell here.

All bar the scripted projects, I have imported into Stride without issue.

Note: When downloaded from either Unity, Unreal and or other hosting websites, all Copyright of these assets remain with Immersive-Games/Andrew Chapman. They cannot be resold as a standalone project in its current form, must be included with a project of at least 50% of your own work and encapsulated as a standalone project (i.e. game). The assets are not to be resold as a whole or in part, remotely hosted with access by other parties or given to third parties.

I second this notion the engine does have a lot of potentials I feel as though this is something that should be discussed on the (_discord). There should be a section where we can share our templates on the concepts we are making. (alternatively, I need to make a node controller that changes color when a node collides with an object.)