Any plans for supporting PS4? Xbox One?

I know some engines are now starting to support PS4 and Xbox One for indie titles. Any plans for this with Paradox?

Yes, it is in our plan to support both XBox One and PS4. We may be able to provide such support later next year but we can’t give an exact timeframe, as we have some big features we would like to add first to the engine (scene editor, advanced materials, advanced post effects, advanced renderings, animation editor/system, live scripting…etc.). But for example, we had already the engine running on PS4 almost 2 years ago (a video of a scene), so It might not be a big work to deliver an alpha version.

Note that for both XBox One and PS4, they may require a special Xamarin Licensing (afaik, Microsoft is not yet able to deliver .NET on XBox One)

That’s cool, I was just curious. I’m looking forward to any new features you guys add to the engine, so I don’t mind the wait.

I’m glad I randomly stumbled upon this topic, and also glad to see the reply. I also wouldn’t mind the wait, and thanks for all the work you’ve done to make the engine what it is now.