Animating anything?

Is there a way to create animations within GameStudio?

For example, animating a gate opening or animating the camera during a cutscene.

I’ve been looking at the manual for cameras. It mentions:

To animate a camera using a model file, you first need to bake the animation using your modeling tool (eg Maya, 3ds Max or Blender). Xenko doesn’t support cameras animated using target cameras.

Does that mean create the animation in blender/maya using any object and import that animation into game studio?

Can animations such as rotation, translation be done within the studio, or do they have to be created externally?

hi @MZA,

since you can modify the camera in a script, you can do just whatever you want with the camera or any other property of the scene graph. have a look at the camera script for example.

how you get the animation values is totally up to you… you can import animations in .fbx and i think in .blend format or just programmatically generate the values.

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Thank you for your reply. Everything is much clearer now.