Add component hierarchy

Hi There,

I’m currently in the process of evaluating Xenko to use for my game which is currently in Unity. I’ve noticed that when I “Add component” all scripts are listed with no categorisation. This will definitely be problematic when a large number of Sync/Async/Start scripts are added to the project, which is currently the case for my game. Do you have plans of organising this in the future? Also a search field would be great.

I’m new to Xenko, so if I’m missing the point here please let me know.

Hi @ThelDoctor

I already raised an issue about this on the githhub repository [Game Studio] Add component - Gets confusing when you have a lot of scripts #503. You can also drag ‘n’ drop scripts from the Asset View:

The manual does cover this (Add a script).

@dfkeenan thanks for the response - issue upvoted.

You are welcome. :smile: