Xenko is lagging

Hello, so this is just a quick question. I find the workflow and everything very effective in Xenko, but somehow, after having added twenty high-poly-trees to the scene, the engine begins to lag massively. I thought it would have similiar capabilities to Unity. But Unity handles these trees really well with a whole lot of FPS, while Xenko drops down to 15. I have a High End Computer and been working in CryEngine, Lumberyard and Unity without any problems.

Hello, do you work on a laptop? If yes, make sure that game studio is running on the dedicated graphics card and not the onboard one…

If that’s not the problem, it would be nice to make an issue on GitHub and upload the project for debugging purposes.

Hello! No, I’m not working on a laptop. But that problem has something to do with shadows, I guess. It runs very smooth without them. Yet, shouldn’t Xenko be able to render at least 20 high-detail shadows cast by complex trees?

Best thing to do would be to raise an issue on the Github page:

That was a direct link to the issues page but not sure if it will take you there, but the tab is easily visible from the main page.

Have a look through to see if similar issues have been raised, but if not, please raise it as an issue. You may be asked for a small project so they can try and replicate the issue, but the response is always good. I had an issue solved that was to do with audio clicking, so it is definitely worth trying.