Xenko: help us find a new name/logo for the engine! (if we have to rename)

Yes I’d like to contribute. Going to give this some thought over the next couple of days.

I think it’s really important to get this right.

@jdee - I second your comment about collaboration vs competition



I’m second for the Xensphere name. Or even Zensphere meaning meditation or some form of intuition.

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Cash prize is a good idea!
However please let me fund it myself from the Patreon donations.


Sounds good. As you said, we need to start somewhere. Lets do that excluding out names with low potential.

Not sure if name suggestions are still open, I did read every post, but it doesn’t really give anything away. My suggestion for a nomenclature would be Sprout Engine, why? Per definition Sprout means “to grow, spring up, or come forth as or as if a sprout” and that 's what I believe Xenko currently is, a small delicate flower that needs care and over time will grow into one of the big ones. Hopefully that doesn’t sound to cliche.

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@jdee @mrboni 'just checking with you guys to see if you are still working on this as we haven’t heard anything for the past week.

@Gritty Yep, they are still open ! I’ll add it to the list.

one i liked from the discord channel:

There is already Unity, there is already Duality, and so, Trinity is obviously the correct choice. 3rd time’s the charm, right?

@Eideren Sorry I’ve been busy on other things over the last week. Gonna look at it this evening and get back to you guys tomorrow

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something else that has grown on me is STRIDE engine:

The word is short and easy to pronounce, the meaning is also quite fitting, i think:


@Eideren No, I won’t be adding anything more. Hope you guys find a successful way to go forward.

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I like this but it could cause confusion with FOCUS 9 accounting software.

I am just thinking that you like ancient greek and the bringing to life aspect of the name which I love but how about Poiesis

Poiesis - Wikipedia

In philosophy, poiesis (from Ancient Greek : ποίησις) is "the activity in which a person brings something into being that did not exist before.

I also would like to suggest ratio3d. The reason being is that ‘ratio’ is latin for dimension, the .com is unused and it also gives it a professional name to entice companies to use it for their digital twins / virtual world which will help expand the development community for everyones benefit.

Maybe even gain autodesk support like Unity or integration with the laserscanner / geospatial scanner manufacturers like FARO.

I really think this software has great legs and I am going to promote it within my Utility company ( i can’t mention a name without going through the PR team).

Otherwise Xenko is already amazing and do you need an NPO when you can promote within the Digital Twin scene and become a Standard Marque and change a business model to suite while also keeping it opensource.

@Eideren If it is not too late, I’d like to put a name up for submission.

Verity Engine

a true principle or belief, especially one of fundamental importance.

My three pennies -



  • “a connection * or series of connections linking two or more things.”
  • “a central or focal point.”


  • Implies connectivity, compatibility
  • Relates to Xenko’s modular / package format
  • Contains an X
  • Probably quite easily to stylise for a logo
  • Sounds like Lexus


  • Sounds a bit dystopia corporate. Skynet’s financial department
  • Google Nexus
  • Sounds like Texas


  • nexus.* - taken
  • nexusengine.* - all available though .com is premium
  • nexus3d.com - 3d scanning company
  • nexus3d.org - available



  • “allow or enable to escape from confinement; set free.”
  • “allow (something) to move, act, or flow freely.”


  • Positive connotations of freedom, relaxation, letting go of tension
  • Relates to the completion and distribution of software, or artistic output ‘Radiohead’s latest vinyl release’
  • Is non techy, accessible / unintimidating
  • Nice visual motifs for logo inspiration (check Google Images)


  • Is such a common word that it’d take a while to become synonymous with the engine. ‘Unity’ got there though




  • “onward so as to make progress.”
  • “relating to the future.”


  • Focussed, with direction and intent
  • Clear and accesible
  • Has been stuck in my head for a week
  • Non techy / accessible
  • Good directions logo design


  • Logo may end up looking like the Brexit Party’s…!
  • Forward 3D is a marketing agency


  • forward.* - gone, though forward.yoga is free…
  • forwardengine.com - gone, reg is China, no site though
  • forwardengine.(the rest) - available
  • forward3d.com - gone (see above)

Hope you guys find a successful way to go forward.

lol that’s one of my suggestions :slight_smile:

Hello guys, I’m compiling the list right now, I won’t include any new suggestions sorry.

Okay, here’s how I think we’ll move forward:
Let the community vote on the names they submitted and pick the ten highest. Create an open discussion around those ten and include @mrboni 's suggestions into the mix. Let people argue on those names, provide logos and try to reach a consensus.

We’ll start the voting phase tomorrow (saturday) at 8:00 AM UTC.

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The poll is now open, follow the link in this thread:


This is my first post…so please don’t be too judgmental…thanks

I was thinking about the new name: simgen (simulation generator engine) what do you guys think? You could have a oval neon around name like an atom moving along the oval…

Or ZENGEN-2.0 …2.6…3.0…3.4 - like Blender uses
(Could have yeng-yang symbol in front of name)

You can now vote for the logo over here: Vote for Xenko/Stride’s logo!