Vote for Xenko's new name!

If you haven’t kept up, here’s the previous post about this subject:

Please follow the link below to submit your vote for Xenko’s new name.

We’ll take the top 10 and try to reach a consensus with the community through debate, logo design and concept.

That list was compiled on the 27 of September at 6am UTC, any submission after that could not be part of this list, sorry.

Submissions Excluded:

  • Xenomorph Engine:
    • Even if the usage is different and that word is fairly common, let’s stay clear of any potential copyright issues here.
  • DDNX (DDNX is Definitely Not Xenko):
    • Again no point in taking risks here, this name still ‘contains’ xenko.
  • Ceyx Engine:
    • Fairly obvious why.
  • Cimitar Engine:
    • Very close to Scimitar, the previous name of AnvilNext which is Ubisoft’s main engine.
    • While this won’t result in any copyright dispute let’s avoid any confusion.
  • Xenia:
    • Already used by an xbox emulation project.
  • Solaris Engine:
    • Solarus is an ARPG engine.
  • Glimpse:
    • It’s a diagnostic platform and a text indexing algorithm.
  • Unium Engine:
    • Unium is a video game.
  • X-Byte Engine:
    • X-Byte is an application development company.
  • Trinity:
    • Trinity is used by two games and trinity engine is some kind of tool.
  • Sprout Engine:
    • A 16-bit sprite engine for MacOS.
  • Verity Engine:
    • Some kind of ML tool.
  • SharpEngine:
    • Two different c# engines on github this time (sorry)
  • TEngine:
    • Inference engine for embedded device.
  • Infinity Engine:
    • BioWare’s engine for their isometric RPG.
  • OPEngine:
  • Formation Engine:
    • Some assets on the unity asset store.
  • Mixen:
  • Eidolon Engine:

there could be an option to vote for “Keep Xenko” for people who don’t want a name change.

I would have voted against changing Xenko’s name given the chance but it’s not that simple, voting for this option won’t change the fact that keeping this name will most likely limit Xenko’s future.

Honestly Sprout and Verity Engine seem to be the only good choices, the reminder may have a possibility of causing intellectual property issues.

The senate engine :stuck_out_tongue:

Alright here are the results, 193 individual voted for a total of 624 votes.
You can consult google forms’ not-so-readable chart here
Or another slightly more readable here
Or take a look below:
#1 with 43 votes “OGEN (Open Game ENgine)”
#2 with 34 votes “Astra Engine”
#3 with 34 votes “Xenos Engine”
#4 with 31 votes “XenSharp”
#5 with 29 votes “Focus Engine”
#6 with 27 votes “Stride Engine”
#7 with 26 votes “Quantum Engine”
#8 with 24 votes “LunaSharp”
#9 with 22 votes “Hades Engine”
#10 with 19 votes “Xenjin”
#11 with 15 votes “Xenesis Engine”
#12 with 14 votes “Finity Engine”
#13 with 13 votes “Kotanto”
#14 with 12 votes “Gale Engine”
#15 with 12 votes “SeaShark Engine”
#16 with 11 votes “Astria Engine”
#17 with 11 votes “C#OSGE (C# Open Source Game Engine)”
#18 with 11 votes “D6 Engine”
#19 with 11 votes “Isonix Engine”
#20 with 11 votes “Lambda Engine”
#21 with 11 votes “Xenial Engine”
#22 with 11 votes “Zulu Engine”
#23 with 10 votes “Modulus Engine”
#24 with 10 votes “Nurento”
#25 with 10 votes “Synergy Engine”
#26 with 8 votes “Genius Engine”
#27 with 8 votes “Xanadu Engine”
#28 with 7 votes “Enna Engine”
#29 with 7 votes “Xardox Engine”
#30 with 7 votes “Xenkara”
#31 with 6 votes “Pneuma Engine”
#32 with 6 votes “Valvolt”
#33 with 6 votes “Xamework”
#34 with 5 votes “GiftWrap”
#35 with 5 votes “Ratio3d”
#36 with 5 votes “Tonal Engine”
#37 with 5 votes “Uxen Engine”
#38 with 4 votes “Deceit Engine”
#39 with 4 votes “Distic Engine”
#40 with 4 votes “Dragonhouse Engine”
#41 with 4 votes “Fractolis”
#42 with 4 votes “Synengine”
#43 with 4 votes “Synus Engine”
#44 with 4 votes “Ultimate Engine”
#45 with 4 votes “Xandu Engine”
#46 with 4 votes “Zensphere”
#47 with 3 votes “Apakan”
#48 with 3 votes “Demorgan3D”
#49 with 3 votes “Modular Engine”
#50 with 3 votes “Poiesis”
#51 with 3 votes “SEngine”
#52 with 3 votes “Sparce Engine”
#53 with 3 votes “Xenar Engine”
#54 with 3 votes “X-Ram Engine”
#55 with 2 votes “Animage Engine”
#56 with 2 votes “Breal Engine”
#57 with 2 votes “Genial Engine”
#58 with 2 votes “Ivaldi Engine”
#59 with 2 votes “Posity Engine”
#60 with 2 votes “Rander Engine”
#61 with 2 votes “Xenel Engine”
#62 with 2 votes “Xensphere”
#63 with 2 votes “Xentaka”
#64 with 2 votes “Zellim”
#65 with 1 vote “Apoti”
#66 with 1 vote “Gift Engine”
#67 with 1 vote “Graphm Engine”
#68 with 1 vote “Magician’s Engine”
#69 with 1 vote “Reconnect Engine”
#70 with 1 vote “Unic Engine”
#71 with 1 vote “Xiphoid Engine”
#72 with 0 vote “Genios Engine”
#73 with 0 vote “Themata Engine”
#74 with 0 vote “Ultrack Engine”
#75 with 0 vote “Ultrarack Engine”

Now, as I specified on the first post, we’ll move forward with the top ten (and a couple of the proposals) and start proposals and designs.

If you are a graphic designer and/or have experience in naming and branding, please come forward, we would love to have you on board to finish this process !

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Thanks, interesting results!

BTW, one another important aspect to consider is the namespace.

I was realizing a full cap name (i.e. OGEN) is not ideal in that sense (it looks out of place and not matching most of other libraries).
I would also rather avoid composed name for the same reason, if possible (i.e. XenSharp). It’s still more acceptable than all caps name. I double checked and saw that typically, libs with multiple caps such as EntityFramework or WPF always use a shorter one word namespace.

Just my opinion, let me know what you think.

FYI, Quantum, would require to rename our Xenko.Quantum library (which we use for UI view models). Not a blocker but it’s little bit extra work.


“Open Game Engine” seems a bit too generic, almost as if you are trying to search for an open game engine (like say, jMonkeyEngine) and not a specific game engine. Shortened to OGEN, it is a confusing acronym that has to be remembered letter for letter, because it isn’t otherwise a word.

#2 through around #7 are pretty similar in votes… I still have to vouch for “Focus Engine”, because it is arguably the most easy to remember & spell word in the top tier. It also has an obvious and marketable meaning behind it, like Unity and Unreal names.

I figured this would be an issue. Fortunately, Microsoft’s official framework design guidelines states the following :

✓ DO use PascalCasing, and separate namespace components with periods (e.g., Microsoft.Office.PowerPoint ). If your brand employs nontraditional casing, you should follow the casing defined by your brand, even if it deviates from normal namespace casing.

According to Microsoft, using a namespace like OGEN.Core.Graphics should be a-ok since it’s the name of the brand.

Also, WPF isn’t included literally in a namespace in the .NET Framework. Better examples would be Microsoft.Build.Tasks.Xaml, Microsoft.SqlServer.Server or heck, Microsoft.Xna.Framework. Judging by those instances, you could argue that using Ogen.Core.Graphics would be more appropriate.

Despite all that, there is another solution. As stated here in the guidelines :

✓ DO use a stable, version-independent product name at the second level of a namespace name.

For example, MonoGame kept the Microsoft.XNA.Framework namespace in it’s source for compatibility reasons, and nobody seems to have a problem with that, not even Microsoft. They don’t seem to have sued them yet, and they mention the engine in their own official documentation !

However, I’ll be the first to admit though, more research should be done before we claim “It’s fine cuz MonoGame did it first!” and call it a day. We still have time to debate about it, which is what I’ll be doing this October, and I encourage everyone to participate too.

So, feel free to give more reasons not to use OGEN. I love getting my ideas challenged, it keeps things interesting !

Good results, unfortunately a few good names didn’t get to the top ten, nevertheless there are three of my favorites in the top ten, I look forward to the second round of voting :slightly_smiling_face:

I would still consider SharpEngine. At least tried to connect with owners of those repos.
It’s a bit manipulative name, but it would create strong associations with the language and an image of something “default for C#”/“blessed by Microsoft”. And the hype is always good for growing project :slight_smile:
Still I would use either something that relates to C#, or reuses the old name or else all the made up info background will become obsolete, and the project could fade to obscurity, and I’m a bit concerned about it.


I agree, most names on the list are obscure or just plain trash. I’m glad that a few decent choices made it to the top.
Connecting the name with the underlying technology, as SharpEngine does, is also one of my top choices.
The existing SharpEngine projects are way smaller than Xenko too, wouldn’t be a problem if we would decide to take it…

@Toriadus There won’t be a second round, see the first post and my last post.

@tonfilm @MaxEden Try to contact them and ask them if we can use their name, if they agree I’ll add it to the list like the proposals mrboni made on the other thread.

I don’t think this voting procedure is going to achieve very much. Just have the project leads choose any name they feel comfortable with, and get on with it.

We’re starting to remove some of the names. We’re thinking of removing Release, LunaSharp and Xenjin.
Please look at the two sheets on the spreadsheet below:

If you want to defend those names please feel free to add to the second sheet, reply below or engage with us on discord.

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Phr00t already used Focus Engine for his fork. Can we still keep it?

On top of being used in Phr00t’s fork, there’s the potential legal issue with Focus Home Interactive.

FYI, when our engine was named Paradox, we got into trouble with Paradox Interactive:

  • legally (from said company)
  • also with some of our engine users/newcomers which were confused, thinking it’s the actual/official game engine from Paradox Interactive.

So considering this experience, I wouldn’t recommend choosing it, even though it might have been a good name.


Hmmmm… perhaps I’ll change it to Phocus engine, ha!

EDIT: Goddammit

Is there such a thing as a completely free name? SDFj3g0rja engine, maybe? :smiley:


Phokus n’ jean

For the win

I’m not a marketer, but I have founded and successfully sold a tech startup. I think the main thing to realize is that for this project you’re picking a domain name… so don’t talk about “names” talk about “domain names”.

TL;DR - IMO while i don’t love suffixes like “3d” and “engine”, there is a pretty strong case for using “” and “Xen 3d” as the name… It’s basically a shortened version of xenko, and the “3d” suffix actually helps communicate this is a 3d engine… and that’s a damn short .com domain to be able to get for a project. There are also some other reasonable options below, including

Instead of listing the names as a “checkbox chart”, I think it’s important to decide on the most important criteria, and make a priority list based on that criteria. I’ve made a “Prioritized Domains” sheet on the google doc… You can change the priorities, but this is the layout you should use, because it helps visually cull out the less viable options, instead of letting them linger when they are never going to work.

Tier-1 is a spellable .com domain without “extras” (like “engine” or “3d”) tacked on…

  • (not clear if “sharp” is a distracting extra or not, i registered and will donate)
  • (i registered this earlier and will donate it)
  • (synengine respelled, $5000 aftermarket domain)
  • (kotanto respelled for the domain name availability, not easy to spell)
  • (not easy to spell)

These are your best options. Personally I don’t care for the cheesy “Sharp” extra, but I know others actually prefer it. So that’s just a judgement call.

Tier-2 is the .com contenders with “engine” or “3d” in the name… I’m not a huge fan of this path… I think “3d” is marginally better than “engine”. Though “xen3d” is pretty darn short and nice.

Tier-3 is an even less desirable set with both “engine” and where only the .org name is available…