Vote for Xenko/Stride’s logo!

If you haven’t kept up with xenko’s rebranding, here’s a post about this subject:

You can vote for stride’s logo over here:
The rating scale goes from bad(1) to good(5).

Images in full resolution over there:

I’ll close this off somewhere after 22/02 depending on the activity of the form at that time.
The results will be published shortly after on the discord server and forums.

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For reference:

Alright, I closed off the form and here are the results:

You can find charts for each name on the voting form.


I was too late to catch the voting, but I want to add something important.

I strongly urge the product always be refrred to as “Stride3d”, not “Stride”, not “Stride 3d” (with space) not “stride engine”… this would be in the logo, in the product, on the forums, on the website.

This is because only “Stride3d” makes a unique search term that can find the project and related info on Google, just like Xenko was a unique search term that could find the project on google. The project is already at the top of search results for both of those terms. The website is

However, do a google search for “stride” or “stride engine” or even “Stride 3d” and the project is nowhere to be found, and may not ever make it onto the first page.

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On my computer (with incognito), “stride engine” and “stride 3d” both have as first result:

And I was expecting/hoping it’s just a matter of waiting a few months to go up google ranking for “stride”, but I am no expert in SEO.

BTW, it’s also probably a good time to improve SEO by asking people to update links to us from to

I also get good results with “stride engine” on duckduckgo using the tor browser. But I also see some unrelated actual “stride” engines pictures, which is funny.

edit: maybe we should do a demo game where the gameplay is to use a lawn mower :wink: