Visual Studio Integration Installer woes

I am writing this message because it started to become infuriating.
So i already have VS2019 installed, and tried to install latest version of Stride, and agreed to install VS integration.

But i did not expect to accept 100+ Visual Studio Installer UAC dialogs. Just as i am typing this message i am interrupted every 3-4 seconds or so for another UAC dialog.

Maybe create an elevated installer for the visual studio integration so it does not have to ask every time it invokes the vs installer?

Yeah, I ran into this. It was infuriating, had to kill Visual Studio from the task manager to get out of it.

Thankfully the fix is easy, Launch Visual Studio 2019 and let it install any pending updates. Possibly reboot if you’re paranoid, then run the Stride installer again. It seems the stride installer fails with outstanding (downloaded but not installed) Visual Studio updates.