Visual Scripting / Visual Programming in Xenko

Many game engines and 3d editors have some sort of node based editing system. There is a wide variety of applications for it, e.g. for materials, state machines, scene graph editing and even game logic.

It appears that the xenko developers already created a prototype internally and we also have a first proof of concept with our visual programming language VL up and running. You can read more in this GitHub issue:

Did anyone already use visual programming? What was your experience with it and do you want to have it in xenko and what would you like to do with it?

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here is a first update on our progress:


Thank you for your work! Looks promising :slight_smile:

BTW, there is also a second update:

Even more updates!

It was a pleasure to present a live demo of VL.Xenko at Muthesius University of Fine Arts and Design and you can re-watch it here:

Interested in real-time visual programming and want to be prepared for the big release? Download vvvv gamma preview here and follow this workshop:

FYI: In the workshop we use VL.Skia but the principles are the same.

we already realized a project with VL.Xenko which you can see here:


Tell me, at what stage is the introduction of visual language now? I’d like to use it in the engine, where do I start? Any tutorials on the vvvv for Stride engine?

@didzey please download and try the preview here:

The official release will be in the next few days…

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