The Dusty Attic

Evaluated the graphics capabilities of the engine
Share the stunningly beautiful result
Scene - GLEB ALEXANDROV (Iโ€™m not a lot altered

Errors with the shadows a lot more on stage, to share with you the fact that managed to achieve to date.:slight_smile:
So far, all satisfied with the engine, but I would like to have the opportunity to expand the shadow map in the future.


Great work haha keep up this handle of working ;D

Wow, amazing work!

And yes, I agree. The shadow mapping code needs an overhaul. What kind of issues did you have to fight with?

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Not satisfied with only size atlas card. As, for example, when I set the size of the shadows x2 from any light source, the picture quality drops significantly. because objects cast a shadow quite a lot on stage. I would like to manually set the visibility of shadows. For example, to all the shadows were drawn immediately to the specified level.
I would like to know a few questions: 1) How soon will the next major update of the engine? 2) Will there be added support for creating animations in the engine using the key. Not using third-party programs. 3) whether the creation of a system of visual programming? To simplify the process of code writing. 4) What will be waiting for us in the next update? Will create asset store? Could you update the roadmap so that the community can build for the future. I would be very grateful for any response
I love this engine!


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Great work!

Yes, improving shadow code and features (such as atlas control) is something that needs to be done.
Animation editor is quite a big feature (we started some groundwork, but on pause for now). Same goes for visual programming.
Concerning next release and roadmap, please stay tuned for a few more weeks/months, some news coming soon!


Super! Then weโ€™re waiting! :slight_smile: