Sync Testing Multiplayer Netcode (Netcodez.Resync)

Hello folks,

Below is a video demonstrating the second version of netcode I’ve written in C# which I’m dubbing “resync.” I plan to complete another 1-2 cycles on this version and release the source… targeting April/May. The demo game was built in Xenko 3.0. Also…, at that time, I will launch a website to continue the further development of these libraries and general commoditizing of network code for indies and small teams… I want to write a lockstep version as well.

This version is relatively simple, it was built with the objective of satisfying the core “pillars” of networking code… things like:

a) Authoritative Server
b) Instance Hosting
c) Client Side Prediction
d) Client Side Rendering
e) Server Reconciliation

I built in hooks for Lag Compensation and Replays as well.



Do you have a git hub others can contribute to?

Hi Matmuze,

I will make the library public in April, I’m currently adding auxiliary functions this month to ensure I Demo most of the capabilities.

Working on adding in:

  • Item spawning
  • Sentry (AI/NPC) spawning and control



I modified respawning and player streaming as well so that the client app (game) has much more control over where respawning is occurring and whether or not player state is streamed from the server (or is absent/withdrawn).