Switch the url for Xenko logo and Home on forum

Maybe this is just me, but I would switch the url between the Xenko logo and the home button when browsing on the forum.

Right now the Xenko logo directs https://forums.xenko.com.
and Home directs to https://xenko.com

Good point, it would also match what’s done in the documentation.
Doing it right away.

Turns out it’s not easy/recommended to do with discourse:

I have several options:

  • Hack some javascript to achieve what you said
  • Change the logo to a XENKO FORUMS logo (as recommended in that discourse thread)
  • Have a two lines nav bar (like in doc) – this one might take some time to get right, I remember trying to do it at first but it wasn’t trivial (navbar changes when scrolling in topic)

What’s your opinion?

In the meantime, I have renamed Home into Website so that current layout is easier to understand.

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Personally I would go for the recommended solution. Custom js is maintenance you dont want.

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